Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Cause, Boston 4.20.09

For parents struggling with the long-term challenges of a disabled child, life can feel like a marathon, with no finish line in sight, and certainly none of the glory. The care and worry is constant, and the medical appointments and procedures can become overwhelming.

This year, I'm running the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center, and am seeking to raise at least $3,000. The center provides relief for the caregivers of developmentally disabled kids and adults by offering day, evening, overnight and weekend care, as well as work training and educational outreach.

The center's namesake, Michael Carter Lisnow, was born 16 weeks premature and weighed but a pound. Suffering cerebral palsy and blindness, Michael was given a 10 percent chance for survival, and faced multiple surgeries and relentless care. Yet lived for 10 years. His vibrant personality inspired the creation of the center while he was still alive. Today, his mother, Sharon, is co-director and has run the marathon herself for the past five years. The center, located in Hopkinton, Mass., near the marathon's starting line, serves more than 150 families.

So if you want to spend your money wisely this holiday season, and get a nice bit of feel-good in return, please consider making a donation. You can contribute online by clicking on the First Giving widget, on the upper right. It's simple and secure. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and 100% goes to MCLRC. A $75 donation, for example, will cover overnight respite care for one child. You can also donate directly at MCLCR site. Please make sure to include my name along with your contribution.

Many thanks in advance.


Oh, and I'll be blogging on all things marathon-training here, as I prepare for the big race. So be sure to stop by, and see how it's going.


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